FRIENDLY BEACH aims at creating an innovative codified model for Transnational European tourism accessibility.

Starting from a winning 3 years’ experience in Italy with people affected by autism, the project will allow Tourism industry stakeholders (travel agents, hotels, sports and outdoors facilities’ managers, NGOs and other private and public operators involved in the tourism supply chain) to develop, improve and manage social touristic flows in the Mediterranean coast in an innovative and inclusive way.

By a public-private transnational partnership research process, the project path intends to codify and assess a methodology and a model to be extended and implemented firstly in municipalities and European territories around the selected Mediterranean countries (Italy, Croatia, Spain) and later in other Mediterranean EU countries with similar morphology, facilities and services.

The main target final user is the FAMILY where one component is affected by mild mental disorders. The project intends to consider the family as a whole, family needs and necessities, not only the needs of individuals with mild mental disorders.

A concrete FRIENDLY BEACH Mediterranean Transnational Itinerary (Spain, Italy, Croatia) will be concrete expected outputs of the project in order to boost the number of tourist flows on the Mediterranean coasts and raise competitiveness of the European tourism industry creating new jobs, new skills for new jobs, innovation and universal accessibility.